We share vocal cords

A life view together with the band Jag tycker jag är vacker

For several years, the band’s wayward straight and poetic music has been portrayed with the help of the camera. The goal was to create a dimension to the theme We share vocal cords. The camera’s sound has been in pace and inconsistent with the band’s music. A music album never needs to run out. You choose how many times the songs will be played. In the same way, the images can go over and over again, back and forth between the music tracks, in their own cycle.

Jag tycker jag är vacker run by Cornelia Arvidsson along with her band members.

my body is crushed
you turn on meat

everything is clean
you look like dad
You twist a thousand needles around my throat, though she is strong the cheek gets wet
you took off, you can see how plants grow faster if you just look
you are part of me

We share vocal cords was launched in autumn 2018 on Rönnells antikvariat where I enjoyed with others Jag tycker jag är vackers music. It was small, familiar and warm. Just what this story needs.

If you want to buy our photo book along with vinyl, for a 200 SEK, please email Cornelia. It comes in a package, which I showed, among other things, when I wrote about the release. The book and music is in Swedish.

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