Shit you down

a story about being a teenager

First of all – “Shit you down” is a direct translation from swedish. It means “Fuck off”. But because of the “toilet theme” the word “shit” needs do be with it.

With the images, an honesty and custody of what is to be a teenager and how life can then continue is desired. In other words, the goal is important, but the road to it means everything. The pictures are made in a span of 26 years but with a focus on pictures from the year 2007-2008.

eleven years later

when should you take root?

so. good. now you just need to learn to widen your wings. flight. out. away.

The images have finally become a audio slide show story that was exhibited in 2018 through Lokomotiv Bollnäs and the photo festival SPEGLA.

Other images series

nothing to hide

An escape from reality itself

we share vocal cords

A life view together with the band Jag tycker jag är vacker