I started in 2018 to volunteer at a horse farm in Iceland. There the love of what the animal gives me was resurrected. It’s the only environment that doesn’t make me think of anything else.

Jag började 2018 med att volontära på en hästgård på Island. Där återuppväcktes kärleken till vad det djuret ger mig. Det är den enda miljön som får mig att inte tänka på något annat.

You can’t think of anything else. All focus is required. Otherwise, something unplanned may happen.

Iceland is, however, too cold for my taste – albeit incredibly beautiful. So I longed back to the Mediterranean, where much time has been spent lately.

I have since then helped others with their horses. I have got to know how it is when horses
getting old,
left to die,
are going to be trained,
being stolen,
throw away me,

and much more. But mainly how they give me energy.

The image

With a slight concussion I stepped on in my own tracks. The bruise made others laugh, when I limped forward or had a hard time sitting. The image above is part of a photo project I have been working on when I studied at the Academy Valand last year.

Hearts stop beating

Yep, that’s how the photo project is called. I do not know if I will ever dare to show it in non-closed rooms. But I continue to work on. Because I think it can end in something good.

The photo project starts in a fear of getting children. A few lines from my artist statement:

During a summer, the animals reminded me of my horrors. The dog lost its puppies and the horses were stolen. Maybe my future children, your children or someone else’s children will disappear. Or it will never happen, because it isn’t possible to get children.

Or, I dare to show it. But only the first verse is written. And maybe a little in between. The idea is that it will be a trilogy. Images from the first and second parts:

/Therese, who just turned 30 and look forward to being more active here than before 💃🏼

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