Gah. I’m filled with magic.

On Tuesday the work We share vocal cords was released – music by Cornelia Arvidsson and photos by me. For several years I have photographed with Cornelia’s music in my ears. It has been emotional. Very. I’ve listened to the music in a way I’ve never done before.

Our work

When we met, we fell in love in each other’s way of creating music and images. On Tuesday, Cornelia and her band released a vinyl that comes with an accompanying photo book. I’m so proud for this.

Thoughts about the photo book

Vi delar stämband - fotobok

Two main challenges were: 1. Knowing how to photograph and 2. the format. I needed to take the music properly and find a story. At the same time as I’m going to get along with music, I need to dig in myself to interpret what I hear, read and see.

A few words about: Dig in the music

With “we share voice bands” I see a family relationship – you share blood with someone; you share DNA with someone; You have inherited genes. The bans name “Jag tycker jag är vacker” (in Swedish: “I think i’m beautiful”) has helped me questioning and concluding what’s beautiful. And maybe you’ve seen the pictures and think “beautiful – how??”. But beautiful to me is when something is shaped as it is (or as I want it to be).

A few words about: The format

Cornelia texts are fragile, honest and give me a punch in the stomach. In a positive way. I get affected, but strengthened. I wanted to reflect that in the format. Therefore, the newspaper was a way with its crisp and thin paper, transformed by a strong jute band. To see everythign you have to interact with the magazine. Hold it up against a light source or concentrated extra to read the captions. Similarly, I have collaborated with Cornelia’s music. The papers are sewn together and jutebanden has stamped together, with the aim of achieving the feeling of a craft – like music.

Oh, I can talk about “We share vocal bands” forever. Just like all parents can about their children. But I stop here. For now.

Live band with more than music

Wow what live band. I just want more. The biggest happiness was the live performance. I sat there and just enjoyed their music. It goes straight into the bones and moves around. I want to see them live again. You can listen to them here:

/Therese, which is now back on the farm among all the animals and banana trees rustling in the wind

🎷🗞📖 The work is in 100 copies where vinyl and magazine come together (all in Swedish). Send an email to me or Cornelia to get one for 200 sek.

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