When I see I hear sounds; when I see images I hear music. When I walk on stairs I hear future sounds of how someone falls. When someone sits in a car, I hear the engine start before the key is turned in the ignition switch.

Future Sound. Funny word. Now it is in my dictionary anyway.

Then it can be completely silent, as with this image 👇🏻. Or, silently it never gets but here I only hear emptiness and whisper.


I like how sounds and images interact with me. It has been so as long as I can remember. Therefore, I can’t stop telling you how much fun it has been with the photo project We share vocal cords. I have saved some Instagram stories as highlights where you can see the images from the project together with the accompanying songs.

I think you do the same, that is, interact images with sounds. In any case, if you hear a sound, you see images. Imagine hearing “muuu” followed by *crash *. Then you see that a cow has just run through your plot and and pushed down your coffee set that you just placed on your new table. Maybe, anyway.

/ Therese, who is going to sit down in the sun among lemon trees (but there is nothing glamorous in it, I share the place with bees who gladly tell them they are there)

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