My experience is that we spend a lot of time on body language in art context (and in conversations with others, pictures in social media and … yes, always). Right now I am thinking mainly of placement of bodies; if someone is standing up and the other is sitting down, it sits in a lower position. In any case, when pictures and photography are discussed in connection with Orientalism. Thus – really – how the image of Europe was created through Africa in the 19th century.

So, I sat down on the floor and got stuck there. The light flowed in through diffused windows. You know, like that wavy glass blocks sometimes used in bathrooms to shield showers or the like.

There lies dog hair – or cat hair – under the cable. As if it wants to stay and not letting go. Holds hard. Then I see the plaster on my arm. What I forgot to remove last night after a blood test.

Certainly, standing and sitting positions can be used as abuse of power. But, when sitting on the floor (or the ground), it gets so much closer to life in some way. Sit down and test. Look around.

/Therese, who brought out the vacuum cleaner and fired up the plaster in the stove (or no, I probably haven’t vacuumed there yet)

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