How music and image interact in my photography ✨

When I see I hear sounds; when I see images I hear music. When I walk on stairs I hear future sounds of how someone falls. When someone sits in a car, I hear the engine start before the key is turned in the ignition switch. Future Sound. Funny word. Now it is in my […]

Resurrect a love

I started in 2018 to volunteer at a horse farm in Iceland. There the love of what the animal gives me was resurrected. It’s the only environment that doesn’t make me think of anything else. Jag började 2018 med att volontära på en hästgård på Island. Där återuppväcktes kärleken till vad det djuret ger mig. […]

Release and exhibition – We share vocal cords

Gah. I’m filled with magic. On Tuesday the work We share vocal cords was released – music by Cornelia Arvidsson and photos by me. For several years I have photographed with Cornelia’s music in my ears. It has been emotional. Very. I’ve listened to the music in a way I’ve never done before. Our work […]

A service for those who want to speak out

During the work of Nothing to hide, an extremely important output has emerged: the importance of speaking mental health. That is why I and Ylme (the brutally beatiful-ugly figure that will be in service) are working on an app that will support the ability to speak out. My goal is that it is on the […]

“Shit you down” exhibition

First of all – “Shit you down” is a direct translation from swedish. It means “Fuck off”. But because of the “toilet theme” the word “shit” needs do be with it. You can see all the pictures within the project through Lokomotiv Bollnäs (a swedish pop-up gallery) as a video installation. It hangs from 26 […]

Nothing to hide shown at Kulturhuset

Every year, Kulturhuset has an open call where 100 photographers can show their pictures on a certain surface. This year, it is my turn to show three images from the serie Nothing to hide. Yesterday was a warm opening – both emotionally and warm in the room. The best thing about group exhibitions is to […]