Sometimes we meet people we love. Other times those we hate. And so there are those we do not give any space. We’re affected by the one who is stubborn, greateful to the one who holds the door. And frustrated when our partner once again threw their underwear on the floor, really dirty underwear as well.

Whoever I think I am, I’m a product of the environment. The world is joyful, abominable, surprising, sad, angry, curious, afraid, shameful or completely, completely tasteless. To get used to this, I use the camera, the scanner, and the photo. My works are a product of what is seen and heard in places where I am. The images are made through an exploratory and exploration. They are processed, reprinted, digitized again, discarded and taken back; in an iterative environment. They’re filled with feelings that roar around. As a digital designer, it is important to match materials with a concept. It is also seen in my photography. Therefore, the approach to art projects differs depending on the issue I face.

Education; What I like

Art Science, Photography & Image Akademi Valand, Biskops Arnö, Linnéuniversitetet, Uppsala Universitet & Jönköping University.

Digital design and marketing Berghs School of Communication och Högskolan Kristianstad.


SPEGLA fotofestival, Abecita Konstmuseum, Lokomotiv Bollnäs, Kulturhuset.

Some of the photo projects result in some kind of design projects such as a web service. Some people call me a photographer, other UX lovers and other digital designs. You choose, as always. Feel free to contact me at Maybe we would be a great team togheter.

/ Therese Banström (1989), who involuntarily shares her patio with mantis but is delighted by the company from her other animals and husband.