Telling with images; visual art

“Telling with images” is when images become something more than just a photograph. At least for me, who photographs with the goal of reaching the image. It may be provocative, naive or silly to call it visual art. But I do. Some images series:

nothing to hide

An escape from reality from itself

we share vocal cords

a life view together with the band jag tycker jag är vacker

shit you down

A story about being a teenager

Get users to feel like
heroes; digital design

Worthless cash registers are as annoying as bad user experience in an app. That’s why I’m working with digital design. With a background as a project manager, I am used to directing the work from point A to Z. Most of the time I do things for myself (read: for others but with the intentions of myself), but between making images and feeding the animals I can have time for your dream. Get in touch if so. I will only accept yes what I am good at.